Testimonials - Milan Marketplace

Honolulu Burger, Honolulu, HI

“We placed an ad for our Dinner Combo Special and immediately received results and generated traffic into our establishment,” said Honolulu Burger Company Owner Ken Takahashi. “We recently opened our new restaurant with a very small marketing budget and Milan Marketplace helped us attract more customers. Milan also helps us run promotions that are sustainable to our business by customizing offers that can be changed instantly based on our restaurants sales goals and inventory for the week.”

– Ken Takahashi, Owner, Honolulu Burger Company

Whitehouse Cleaners and Laundry, Bayshore, NY

”So that’s a real bonus for me, It’s always in your pocket, and when it’s in your pocket you’ll tell other people and the more people that walk through my door, the better it is for me.”

– Fran Whitehouse, Owner, Whitehouse Cleaners