Milan Marketplace and All Island Media Introduces a Revolutionary Way to Go Mobile to FCPNY Publishers


Verona, NY -- Milan Marketplace continues to grow its 2nd generation local mobile advertising network across the country and expand presence in top local advertising markets such as New York. All Island Media Inc. (AIM), a leader in local print advertising based in Long Island and Baltimore, is endorsing Milan’s local mobile marketing solution and hosting a presentation with the Free Community Papers of New York (FCPNY) at their upcoming Super Conference on March 18th in Verona, New York.

Kyle Tanouye, Milan’s CEO, and Al Dicroce, AIM’s Director of Marketing and New Business, will address the publishers and discuss the current state of the mobile industry, projected future growth and how Milan publishers can expand business and bring new revenue streams with mobile. An overview of the entire presentation can be found here.

“I am very excited about the opportunity to speak at the FCPNY Super Conference as it allows us to introduce Milan and demonstrate how we are changing the way local mobile advertising is done to the leading local media advertisers in the New York area,” stated Tanouye.

Milan stands for Mobile Interactive Location-based Advertising Network, and is a dynamic marketing platform that connects local businesses with local customers. Second generation local mobile marketing platform provides mobile users true 2-way interactivity creating higher interest to advertisement content than current mobile solutions, resulting in immediate engagement with businesses and increased sales.

“Our objective is to raise the advertising bar for local businesses and media partners by helping them connect with local consumers who are looking for local ad content on their mobile devices.” Tanouye said. “Businesses need to attract consumers beyond expensive daily deal discount offers and establish an ongoing presence for their business in local mobile app communities. We feel there is more to mobile advertising than buying a small banner ad. Milan’s solution is good for consumers, merchants, and local media partners that exist today.”

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