Milan Marketplace FAQs

General Questions - Merchant

What is Milan?

Milan is a mobile ad network with a web-based registration system for participating retail merchants and advertisers.

How does it work?

Milan Marketplace is a hub where businesses can be found in one place. Milan helps businesses promote themselves through a network of mobile apps. Location based targeting allows people to know exactly where to find you. Timely offers from you encourage people to buy.

Milan will also target those looking for specific types of businesses through category options and areas of interest.

What does Milan stand for?

Milan stands for Mobile Interactive Location-Based Ad Network.

Do I have to pay to use the Milan service?

To get started with Milan, there is a one-time registration fee of $49. Credits are purchased in $50 increments and are used on a click-thru basis.

Are there any additional charges?

There is an initial $49 fee to register your business (one-time only). Impressions are free. Click-through to business details (address, map, phone, etc.) cost a single click charge which starts off at $0.15, is set by you and is auction-based. Mobile offers (another detailed screen which generates a mobile coupon) are optional and charged at $0.05 per click.

Is there a monthly Cap?

Since the system works on the pre-purchasing of credits, you can set your own cap. Buy credits that match your budget. For example, if you buy $500 of credits, Milan will deduct click charges from these credits, until funds are depleted. Milan sends you an email notification when credits reach $10. You can decide to refill then, or hold off until your marketing dollars are available.

How can I use Milan as a mobile tool?

Milan can be used as a complete mobile solution to create interactive, location based mobile marketing experiences. It is both economical and simple to execute.

How does Milan work as a Mobile Ad Network?

Milan is the marketplace in various apps so Milan not only maximizes and drives sales to target retail locations, but also reaches new customers by leveraging your brand through the best mobile apps.

Who is the administrator?

This is a self-run system. Registration takes less than 5-minutes. You would designate a Marketing Administrator from your team who would register and update or post any promotions as needed. For example, you could simply register your business, then whenever you'd like, update your location with your current offer. We provide an online wizard, so no difficult design or technical requirements are needed to create promos for mobile phones.

Registering with Milan Marketplace

I am a merchant, how can I register with Milan Marketplace?

Please click on the ‘Get Started’ button on the New Merchant page of this website.

I did not receive a confirmation email?

Please be sure to check your settings so that emails from Milan Marketplace are allowed.

I’ve signed up but it won’t let me submit my information?

Please check to see that you have not missed any fields when filling out your information.
Any fields missed will be highlighted.

I filled out my information but it is not showing the right location?

If your business is not shown in the proper location on the map, you can change this by clicking ‘edit’ on the location details page of your account then entering correct address information.

How can I create a new offer for an existing merchant?
  1. Log on to your account and click on your merchant name
  2. Click on 'Create New Offer' and enter in offer details
How do I enter a new location for a merchant?

Click on 'Enter New Location' and type in requested information in fields. Once finished, click on ‘submit’ to save.

My location does not show up on my phone?

If your location does not show up, please click on ‘edit’ under location and be sure you have chosen a category at the bottom of the page, then click ‘save’.

How often can promotions be made or changed?

That's one of the benefits of Milan. Promos can be changed at any time, in real-time. Your designated admin can upload monthly, weekly, or daily promos and change them on the fly. Future promotions can also be scheduled with the built in calendar, so you can pre-load promotions days, weeks or months in advance.

How do I add more credits to my account?

To add more credits to your account, go to on your account settings and click on ‘add funds’.

How can I check my Analytics?

Choose the 'Analytics' tab located at the top of the page to view your current mobile advertising statistics.

Do you have Time Limited deals that I can offer to my customers?

Yes, offers can be available on a limited time basis with a 24hr time frame. This is great for promoting your business during slow days, hours etc.

How can I insert a Time Limited Deal?

To schedule a Time Limited Deal, please choose the merchant you would like to update. Check the box that says 'Display as time limited Offer', and enter in the limited time deal that you would like to offer. You can enter a promotional code that customers will use for the time limited deal. Choose the time and date you would like the offer to go out that is within a 24 hour time frame. Upload an image to go along with your deal.